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About us

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Bollman Attestation And Services is a company managed by a group of committed and qualified professionals with a strong technical and innovative approach. We assure fast and reliable attestation services for any kind of document attestation for Qatar from different Embassies. If you are looking for a reliable MOFA attestation in Qatar, then Bollman is one-stop solution center to cater to all your attestation needs. .

Getting a document attested is a complex task which requires careful attention to very minute details and a broad understanding of the procedures involved. Executing it on your own sometimes make delays, slip-ups, and expenses. Bollman has years of experience in handling attestation of valuable certificates and documents rightfully, keeping customer requirements and security concerns in mind. Our attestation services include EMBASSY attestation, Apostille attestation, degree certificate attestation in Qatar, marriage certificate attestation in Qatar, the ministry of foreign affairs attestation, etc.

Bollman Attestation and Services takes the burden of certificate attestation procedures from you and takes it upon their own shoulders, making it a whole lot easier for the clients. Apart from the top attestation service in the sector, free collection and delivery of certificates, an efficient and accurate tracking system makes it the best choice for any client.
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Years of experience, in this industry

We offers our clients a distinct edge, when you assign the responsibility of collecting your certificate you can be assured a high quality of our services. With the Team strength and commitment, we make it our business to understand our client needs and closely match it with our standards. We inform our Clients about the position of their certificates undergoing attestation/apostille by sending them mails regarding the most recent update that are taking place in their legalization process. We believe in customer satisfaction, our service is consistent, hasty and cost effective, at the same time committed to highest business standards. We do our best to provide the finest and most customer-friendly services. Our aim is to attain client satisfaction.







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Our Expert team helps you in expediting the process and make sure you get your documents well ahead of your requirement.

If it is an Educational Document, you need to send your original degree along with a copy of your Passport and a copy of your Visa (Wherever Applicable). If it is a Marriage Certificate/Affidavit or a Birth Certificate, you need to send the Original Certificate copy of your Passport and a copy of your Visa (Wherever Applicable).

Attestation is a systematic and meticulous process that needs keen attention throughout the procedure. Certificate attestation in Qatar involves the authentication by HRD of the respective state which issued the testimony. Secondly, it must be attested by the Ministry of External Affairs(MEA) and finally by Embassy of the state of Qatar.

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